King Tut & Friends Container 2012

by Patrick on October 19, 2012

I apologize for the lateness of this post. Been very sick the last two months but still wanted to share some of my best work. The freshness is most appreciated the winter weather is coming or has already arrived in your area.

I have always loved the Kinsman line of baskets and planters. Heavy steel construction with an extraordinarily  thick soft plastic coating, they are stunning, simply stunning when compared to any competitor’s line. But I’m terrible at projecting sizes, so a 2′ wide basket at the time, sounded quite reasonable. But indeed It was not, though. I never got around to using at the old house.

When I came to Trinity I assumed I’d hang them off the pair of 30+ year old pin oaks that grace the front entrance. But I didn’t bother to ask after I put my thinking cap on and thought they would be a huge liability with a heavy wind. So I asked my buddy carpenter Dan to design something for the with no idea he would craft something so beautiful. Don’t you wish you had but one?

I’m quite pleased with the King Tut & Friends container combo. Because of all my spring hospital visits this spring, it wasn’t planted until early June and these pix were taken in mid-August. These images beg the question what would this look like after growing a full season??? You may not recognize the whispey Ruellia augustfolia elongated by Miralc-Gro in the soil mix.Fun to see it dancing with the best Egyptian export ever. But the unusual thing, it is still flowering and not just a mass of long leaves. I think it’s an inspired combination but even P A Smith couldn’t replicate it. Met PAS in August at a PBS fundraiser. Forgot to ask about this P business with his name. Hated is Dad Paul? Will have to ask at next presentation.

Never grown Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ and will have to use in whatever combo i dream up next spring just to see a curtain covering the stand.The ruellia self sowed all over my grandmother’s front yard in her garden at the edge of the Outback. Don’t recall if we called it Mexican petunia, though?  (horticulture sarcasm???) With having Nan’s provenance, the container is very personal to me. Thanks, Nan.

And ornamental peppers have always been a fav after I first saw them at a garden tour in her home town, Narrabri (Aboriginal  for river with many snakes, I believe.) The variety ‘Calico’ has been quite fun as the red peppers explode under the striking variegated leaves. The growth obviously is a testament to the youth of the container.Have you tried ‘KingTut’ in containers? He’s a beast. Same in Egypt. Better view, though. Let me  know, please?

At the front entrance I used a pairing of these planters with Coleus ‘Wizard Sun’ and a charming fuchsia ‘Koralle and a chunky variegated ivy. I also had Super Elfin White but iit’s a testament that imp But I was thrilled with its performance considering the late planting and excessive heat of the summer. I will be sure to use next spring.

So I’m looking forward to many winter months drooling over possible combinations for my sexy planters (Once again I’m looking like a guy in a nursing home who hasn’t seen in action in a long, long time when I’m calling a planter sexy. Am I right Dee, or am I right?


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