Please, Plant Anything Besides Red Knock Outs!

by Patrick on July 25, 2011

Its the middle of summer, we hope, and the millions and millions of Red ‘Knockout’ roses planted in this country are in bloom or between flushes right now. (Can you imagine how much money Bill  Radler, the breeder, has made globally to date?)  Yes, I do miss my hybrid teas but I’m trying not to be a buzz kill on red Knock Outs.

My simple plea is can’t  landscapers and garden designers open up the color palette  to the single pink more? It seems to have the same garden performance of red Knock Out but the bubblegum pink bloom against the darker foliage is a beautiful sight to behold.  If they were used more by commercial landscapers and designers, then more homeowners would be asking for the pink.

I’m just sick of seeing commercial landscaping dumbed down to red Knockouts and the ‘Stella D’Oro’ daylily.  The green foliage of the daylily creates a traffic light troika of color. It’s not the right mood for every locale.  There are so many other combinations out there beyond the traffic light one.  At least everyone together, please try planting single pink Knockouts. You’ll be glad you did.



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