The Philosophy of Hens and Chicks

by Patrick on July 13, 2011

Tonight I was doing some late night blogging and was commenting on a hen and chick flower display from a  PNW blogger, Hens and chicks are a succulent plant where there is one large rosette of leaves (the hen) surrounded by several small rosette  plants (the chicks). After the mother hen is done with its glorious flowering, she withers and dies. The chicks continue to grow into the void left my the hen and the process begins again.

While commentating, I reread my comment and thought to myself, Patrick, that’s pretty profound for you. So I hope it looks profound in the morning. Here goes:

“I like to think that hens and chicks remind us of how we should live our lives. Be a loving parent and show our children how to get the most out of life. And when it is our time to go, we may rest well in knowing they are prepared to do the same.”

What do you think?


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