The Windowboxes at Trinity 2013

by Patrick on October 25, 2013

Well my friends, once again I’m penning from my hospital bead after five days in ICU. My hip was so infected from a pressure wound gone awry that they took it out. It’s been a year in bed since this hospital gave me the three wounds that have put me in bed for the last year.  I had thought I was getting a skin graft on this final wound in January and back in my chair by end of February. But this hip is 10″ long by 5-6″ in places, so I’m fearful I may loose another year in my garden. So any prayers for recovery by frost free date (April 15) would be most appreciated.

Well seems like a great time to see what I was able to achieve from my bed with the help of the best damn gardening bus driver, Todd. So I’ll take lessons learned from these planters and the windowboxes from the previous post to craft an even better display next year. Have already captured the recipes for all these planters for planting next spring.

So for the first time ever you can see the front entrance in all its glory. Can you imagine how this looked five years ago when I started beautifying the campus. When life lands you in a nursing home at 43, one can fall into blaming God trap. But I choose to believe his Hand was at work when he placed me in a gardener’s paradise and the means to improve year after year as evidenced here:

I never did get the glamour shot of ‘King Tut’ amidst the salmon waves of Sunpatiens ‘Corona’ and a deeper orange from the series.Thought the wave effect worked well with the swaying plumes of Tut.

After two years of glorious performance, I’m just smitten with Fuchsia ‘Koralle’. But I stereotype fuchsia as an English hothouse flower. But nobody told Koralle she’s living in the shade of the prairie. C0ngrats to PW for  bringing her to the market. Will be in centerpieces of some windowboxes next year.

Torenia ‘Summer Wave Bouquet’ makes a gentle spiller and a wonderful foil for the hot red ‘Koralle’. Should we declare this stand as Fire-n-Ice?

Variegated ivy was a bit of a disappointment. Will have Todd focus on more foliar fertilizing next time around.


‘Dragon Wings’ doing its thing in the shadows with Creeping Jenny and an overwhelmed Mauve Sunpatiens.

A little Euphobia ‘Diamond Frost’ makes a nice vignette.Don’t you agree?

Another ‘Dragon Wing’ composition that relies on Pepporamia for a lot of bulk filler.


First time I’ve used ‘Baby Wing Pink Begonia with a pink Sunpatiens that bloomed profusely all season.

Will have to use ‘Baby Wing Pink’ in the windowboxes next year.

Add a nice little addition of texture was supplied by what we commonly call Tahitian Bridal  Veil back home in Australia.

Even my latest perils and a troubled future, I’m still very thankful for so much.I’m thankful for the ICU staff who have always had my back. My family and friends have been de-sensitized to the moniker ISU because of my frequent flyer status, so to speak. But I know being healthy enough to get out of it is always a gift.

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