The Windowboxes at Trinity 2012

by Patrick on December 1, 2012

The most impactful part of my nursing home garden has to be the 12 window boxes that line the two large canopied balconies on either side of the entrance. You may remember that each box is lovingly cared for by my garden fanatic bus driver, Todd, who pinches back, fertilizes, holds  off bugs and waters to put on a gorgeous display for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors.

This year I invited  Todd to join me in selecting this year’s selections which I could sense meant a lot to him and we had a ball. It’ s a little daunting to create so many combos at one time. We tried to reuse the best combos but it was hard to find all of them this year like ‘Fortunia Pink Picotee’.

One big difference than last year, we invited some of our residents to help plant the boxes which was so much more rewarding for all involved.


So with no further adieu, here are the best at this moment in time (Can’t you hear Whitney singing in the background. Such a loss for us all)

I love Angelonis but it seems like hit or miss proposition even under the same brand name like Angelface. Why do seed companies continue to group plants of such varying performances and appearances? Why should I trust any of their brand names?

Doesn’t this calibrachoa variety look like a blue ribbon  winner.? We’ll see it keeps up this kind of result as i t come back in flushes.

This year I swore I wouldn’t grow any coleus since they are so unpredictable. My nursery grew 28 different varieties this year and I soon found out they are one of Todd’s favorites so I caved and sometimes they look  “sexy” on the bench when paired with another plant. Can you tell I live in a nursing home and  not getting any action when I find a plant sexy?

Doesn’t this ‘Molten Coral’ look for all the world like three Japanese Maples being attacked by Creeping Jenny? I hope it will stand up to that creepy girl.

I’m sure most of you know this is one of the Kong family series. When I got home I said you idiot, you know this series can include some  whooping beasts. But we’ll have to see if Todd can play Fay Ray and keep the beast in check. Sorry Todd for such a I’m manhood challenging comparison.


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